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"Often my clients are only one degree away from achieving their ambitious goals. This VIP day will give you the EXTRA DEGREE you need to unravel what's been holding you back, and unleash your leadership impact, making achieving your goals inevitable"
- Luisa Ferrario



Ignite your extra level &

get exponential results in just one day

Leadership is easier and business more fulfilling when you have an impactful strategy and action plan in place

If you feel like you have never enough time to strategize or take care of your leadership, we’ve got something for you. 

We are here to enhance your business genius, take excellent care of your leadership, and inspire you to guide your team through the best quarter so far. When your mind is crystal clear and your plans are all mapped out, your team gets energized, and your entire company soars. 

The VIP Day we provide is for you if…

✔️ You are the type of CEO who loves to get top-notch things done and quickly take them off your to do list

✔️ You have some awesome business opportunities coming down the pipeline and you need to get crystal clear which one to say YES to

✔️ You are spending more time working IN your business than ON systems, structures, and goals, that would fast-track your next level of growth

✔️ You need to take immediate action on a leadership, team, or business challenge and you can’t wait 20 weeks to complete our Magnetic Ninja Leaders Accelerator

✔️ You are having a huge business success that is killing your lifestyle or you are feeling overwhelmed because your company is growing too fast, and you can’t keep it up with it


The EXTRA DEGREE VIP Day is our most exclusive and unique leadership & business experience chosen by entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs who are looking for a highly jam-packed transformative whole day:

  • To let go of the most critical mindset blockages that are getting in the way of your business genius

  • To deep dive into your most compelling vision that makes your success inevitable

  • To draw your most productive leadership and business strategy to stand out from the crowd

  • To know how to select your Million Dollars choices and your most extremely impactful behaviors

  • To create your most impactful action plan to follow through over the upcoming months

I will appreciate and leverage on every single unit of your time, energy, money, expertise, desires, and market shares. They are too valuable to waste

Here’s what my clients have to say about working with me…

“I hired Luisa to strengthen some of my leadership and communication skills. From the very beginning, I felt trust and ease working with her, even during the most critical and sensitive times. I found very helpful our journey together and I recommend to choose Luisa to whomever wants a professional and flexible partner, who communicates in a straightforward and clear way, quickly understands your critical needs, inquiries the core of your strategic topics, and consistently leads your development process session by session to achieve the agreed goals. Our brain gym sessions truly helped me to learn how to listen to myself before speaking, to strengthen my emotional intelligence skills, to have more powerful and useful believes which make my communication more straightforward and influential and to clarify even more the strategy to follow to achieve the most impactful business results.”

– Silvano Salandin, MD & Founder at The Social Lender

“I know Luisa since quite a long time, and I involved her in different projects along the way, always with great outcomes. Lately, as an investor, I asked Luisa to work with the CEOs of a couple of startups I invested in, as they both needed to redefine how to run presentations with strategic stakeholders, how to speak in public, and how to enhance their effectiveness in communication. And she achieved great outcomes again.
Thanks for that, Luisa!”

– Antonio Specchia, CEO at easyCRM, Strategic Links London

“We’re a relatively small company, and we thought this kind of advising and facilitation service was best suited for organizations definitely larger than us. However, the value Luisa was able to bring out in terms of how we manage the relationship with our colleagues and within our team of peers is something definitely beneficial and, as a culture improvement, something truly independent from the company’s size.”

– Ivan Porro, CEO at SurgiQ

“Two years ago we started a process to go from being a family owned business company to become an established organisation with a first line of leaders involved in people management and in promoting the strategy. Luisa took us by the hand and accompanied us on a leadership development journey, a path of growth and awareness both as individuals and as a team.”

– Laura Passoni, HR Manager at VELP Scientifica

“When we met Luisa, our challenge was to raise of awareness of The CFO Centre Italy Principals and Directors in respect of a different way of working. As we are all Senior Executives, and we come from many years spent in big organizations, we needed to develop a new and more entrepreneurial mindset and approach. Luisa’s intervention facilitated us to focus on creating clear, agile, and actionable processes of sales management, thanks to a new internal, participative process, based on a sustainable engagement.”

– Giuseppe Basso, CEO & Partner, The CFO Centre Italy

Luisa Ferrario,Home,leadership, EXTRA DEGREE VIP Day, Luisa Ferrario

Ready to ignite your extra level & get exponential results in just one day?