Become A Dynamic, Engaging Leader Of Your Rockstar Team & Company

If You Are The Business Owner, CEO, Managing Director, Founder Of A Fast-Growing Scale-up Or Of An Established Company, The MAGNETIC NINJA LEADERS Program Will Help You Consistently Accomplish Ambitious Professional Results For Yourself And Your Team Of Rockstars

This program is for you if:

  • You are fed up with meetings that are ineffective, messy, and frustrating

  • You are stretched into too many directions because of a demanding team of disengaged and not enough committed people that need to be told what to do

  • You are struggling with a team, where people do not understand each other, have hidden agendas, misleading conversations, or talk behind other people’s back

  • You are frustrated by not feeling understood, supported, and followed by your team

  • You are concerned for the lack of trust, cohesion, and proactiveness of your team that results in not enough satisfying business performance and outcomes

  • You are worried and tired because your company doesn’t grow as expected according to the efforts of yourself and your team

  • You are feeling overwhelmed because your company is growing too fast, and can’t keep up with it as you do not own enough experience or mindset to lead your team of rockstars

  • You are somehow feeling alone and that everything is on your shoulders

  • You are not sleeping well at night because you are losing market shares

  • You didn’t have time to invest in your leadership and in your team’s development in the last 6 months

  • You disregard your lifestyle, due to a lack of Meaning and time for yourself

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How This Program Will Benefit You

This ground-breaking program will completely transform your experience of leading your team and running your business, making it so engaging and fulfilling, that you can consistently hit personal and business results beyond what expected.

With our guidance you will be able to choose the leadership style that better fits the current business situation and expand the impact of your leadership, ending up with you having a Rockstar team that can easily translate your vision into concrete, impactful, and actionable plans.

Right now, you are probably deeply frustrated with the leadership approaches that you have tried. We believe that your time, energy, money, and market shares are too valuable to be wasting on experiences that don’t work.

This is why our proven program provides you the exact focus to develop an empowering and engaging mindset and an inspiring mentoring attitude to create a more effective, sustainable business environment and an inclusive organizational culture to have a competitive advantage, that provides continuity and expansion to your business.

We will work side by side with you to build a cohesive and performing team where proactive, committed, engaged, fulfilled, and joyful people start trusting, understanding, supporting, and contributing to each other, inspired by your compelling vision.

This program is definitively a transformative, powerful step to elevate your most strategic leadership skills to increase productivity, self-mastery, influence, creativity, and to accomplish ambitious team and business results, 100% aligned with your personal ones and with your integrity.

Luisa Ferrario,Home,leadership, The MAGNETIC NINJA LEADERS Program – [Cloned #1913], Luisa Ferrario

What You’ll Learn On This Program


  • You will discover your magnetic and memorable leadership approach that will enable you to build a fully committed team you will be proud of, that supports you to consistently growth a thriving company


  • You will identify an irresistible, purpose-driven business vision, to strategize and build a network of allies who will contribute to the expansion to your business


  • You will relate to a compelling lifestyle, leadership style, and business style that truly makes easy to accomplish ambitious team and business results, fully aligned with your personal ones


  • You will communicate in a more persuasive, impactful, and authentic way, so that you can easily and quickly choose when to empower, mentor, delegate, coach, or inspire your team


  • You will position yourself as a trustworthy and authoritative leader, in order to amplify your influence and credibility in your industry and on the market


  • You will experience how to lead from a place of trust, authenticity, awareness, and co-creation, so that you can feel more centred, energized, intentional, resourceful, and joyful (This – Is – Priceless !!!)
Luisa Ferrario,Home,leadership, The MAGNETIC NINJA LEADERS Program – [Cloned #1913], Luisa Ferrario

Here’s how this program is delivered

20 Weeks Intensive one-on-one program with Luisa Ferrario delivered by a unique mixture of Mentoring, Quick Mindset-Rewiring, and Shadow Coaching live video sessions that will be recorded and shared with you, as follows:

Weekly Facilitation, Strategy, and Implementation Sessions over 15 weeks that will guide you step by step through a proven process to shape and enhance your mindset, skillset, and actionset to rapidly make your leadership a magnetic tool for success


Monthly Shadow Coaching Session during one of your meetings with your team where Luisa Ferrario can directly observe team dynamics, your interaction with the team, as well as your leadership and communications skill


  Monthly Mentoring & Feedback Session just after the Monthly Shadow Coaching Session where you can receive Luisa Ferrario direct feedback on what she observed during your meeting with team and you will create a powerful action plan


Follow Up Session on week 20 to fine tune your new magnetic leadership approach, celebrate the program success, and how to continue to create personal and business results beyond what expected


Checklists & Spreadsheets to help you keep on track with implementing new strategies, taking consistent action, and achieving your goals


Regular support via a Dedicated Individual Chat where you can share wins and ask questions at any time during the five months of the program and receive suggestions, advice, as well as direct feedback from Luisa Ferrario

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Working With Luisa…


“I know Luisa since quite a long time, and I involved her in different projects along the way, always with great outcomes. Lately, as an investor, I asked Luisa to work with the CEOs of a couple of startups I invested in, as they both needed to redefine how to run presentations with strategic stakeholders, how to speak in public, and how to enhance their effectiveness in communication. And she achieved great outcomes again. Thanks for that, Luisa!”

Antonio Specchia, CEO at easyCRM, Strategic Links London



“We’re a relatively small company, and we thought this kind of advising and facilitation service was best suited for organizations definitely larger than us. However, the value Luisa was able to bring out in terms of how we manage the relationship with our colleagues and within our team of peers is something definitely beneficial and, as a culture improvement, something truly independent from the company’s size.”

Ivan Porro, CEO at SurgiQ

“Two years ago we started a process to go from being a family owned business company to become an established organisation with a first line of leaders involved in people management and in promoting the strategy. Luisa took us by the hand and accompanied us on a leadership development journey, a path of growth and awareness both as individuals and as a team.”

Laura Passoni, HR Manager at VELP Scientifica

“When we met Luisa, our challenge was to raise of awareness of The CFO Centre Italy Principals and Directors in respect of a different way of working. As we are all Senior Executives, and we come from many years spent in big organizations, we needed to develop a new and more entrepreneurial mindset and approach. Luisa’s intervention facilitated us to focus on creating clear, agile, and actionable processes of sales management, thanks to a new internal, participative process, based on a sustainable engagement.”

Giuseppe Basso, CEO & Partner, The CFO Centre Italy

“I hired Luisa to strengthen some of my leadership and communication skills. From the very beginning, I felt trust and ease working with her, even during the most critical and sensitive times. I found very helpful our journey together and I recommend to choose Luisa to whomever wants a professional and flexible partner, who communicates in a straightforward and clear way, quickly understands your critical needs, inquiries the core of your strategic topics, and consistently leads your development process session by session to achieve the agreed goals. Our brain gym sessions truly helped me to learn how to listen to myself before speaking, to strengthen my emotional intelligence skills, to have more powerful and useful believes which make my communication more straightforward and influential and to clarify even more the strategy to follow to achieve the most impactful business results.”

Silvano Salandin MD & Founder at The Social Lender

It has been an absolute joy and privilege to work with Luisa! To kick off my ICF qualification journey, I chose to work with Luisa as my mentor and supervisor. Her energy and expertise contributed to fantastic sessions, and great results! Through her in-depth analysis and observation, we were able to pin point the most important aspects that I can work on and develop. This contributed to a gain in awareness, and to further improving my coaching abilities. I am very grateful for Luisa’s encouragements, enthusiasm and thorough knowledge of coaching, ICF standards, mentoring, and business development. Throughout the past months, our sessions have transformed many aspects in my life and business. Luisa is a magical gem in the field of coaching, mentoring and supervision, I highly recommend working with Luisa! Thank you once more for our work together Luisa – I loved every minute!

Katie Stoddart, Award-Winning Coach & International Speaker
For Transformative Self-Leadership

For those of you wondering what it is like working with Luisa as a speaker or as a coach, there are a few terms that jump to my mind: Integrity, authenticity, presence, inner wisdom, and genuine support. She walks in the room, virtual or else, and there is that strong sense that things are going to fall into place. Her presence emanates peace and a genuine intent to hear you out and support you. Luisa not only pays attention, but also connects the dots from the jumble that is presented to her. Her inner wisdom seems to pull words right out of your mouth and further stretch you perspective towards avenues that truly serve your best interest. She breathes and exudes leadership, emotional intelligence, and authenticity. She definitely owns her craft, and she skillfully guides you in such a gentle and respectful manner that it feels as though the path forward is simply a matter of fact. You simply have to talk to her, and you will know what I mean.

Paula Alphonse, Host of the Getting Real with Paula
& Transformative Facilitator

Ready To Become A Dynamic Engaging Leader Of Your Rockstar Team & Company?

If you are ready to step up with your business and start leading your Rockstar Team, then make sure you book in a call with Luisa Ferrario to discuss joining The MAGNETIC NINJA LEADERS Program