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  • Rebel Transformative Leader, I help fellow entrepreneurs to set up a thriving business and make the money they desire by having in place an impactful mindset, structure, and leadership to rapidly grow their company and joyfully lead their team of rockstars
  • As a Growth Mindset & Leadership Mentor, I have been chosen for 15 years by entrepreneurs and CEOs across a range of companies from Scale-ups to World Leading Organisations such as Coca-Cola, KPMG, BCG, Pfizer, and Merck to implement cutting-edge business transformations to help their teams and business thrive beyond what expected
  • International speaker and writer, I own the astounding power to get the unspoken heard, the hidden revealed, and the unfelt perceived. This is why they call me Hidden Leading Forces Ninja

“I know Luisa since quite a long time, and I involved her in different projects along the way, always with great outcomes. Lately, as an investor, I asked Luisa to work with the CEOs of a couple of startups I invested in, as they both needed to redefine how to run presentations with strategic stakeholders, how to speak in public, and how to enhance their effectiveness in communication. And she achieved great outcomes again. Thanks for that, Luisa!”

–  Antonio Specchia, CEO at easyCRM, Strategic Links London

“We’re a relatively small company, and we thought this kind of advising and facilitation service was best suited for organizations definitely larger than us. However, the value Luisa was able to bring out in terms of how we manage the relationship with our colleagues and within our team of peers is something definitely beneficial and, as a culture improvement, something truly independent from the company’s size.”

–  Ivan Porro, CEO at SurgiQ

“When we met Luisa, our challenge was to raise of awareness of The CFO Centre Italy Principals and Directors in respect of a different way of working. As we are all Senior Executives, and we come from many years spent in big organizations, we needed to develop a new and more entrepreneurial mindset and approach. Luisa’s intervention facilitated us to focus on creating clear, agile, and actionable processes of sales management, thanks to a new internal, participative process, based on a sustainable engagement.”

–  Giuseppe Basso, CEO & Partner, The CFO Centre Italy

“Two years ago we started a managerialization process in our company, from family business to business with a first line of leaders involved in people management and strategy promotion. Luisa took us by the hand and accompanied us on a leadership development journey, a path of growth and awareness both individual and as a team.”

–  Laura Passoni, HR Manager at VELP Scientifica

“I hired Luisa to strengthen some of my leadership and communication skills. From the very beginning, I felt trust and ease working with her, even during the most critical and sensitive times.  I found very helpful our journey together and I recommend to choose Luisa to whomever wants a professional and flexible partner, who communicates in a straightforward and clear way, quickly understands your critical needs, inquiries the core of your strategic topics, and consistently leads your development process session by session to achieve the agreed goals. Our brain gym sessions truly helped me to learn how to listen to myself before speaking, to strengthen my emotional intelligence skills, to have more powerful and useful believes which make my communication more straightforward and influential and to clarify even more the strategy to follow to achieve the most impactful business results.”

–  Silvano Salandin MD & Founder at The Social Lender