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My name is Luisa Ferrario and I'm obsessed with accelerating service-based women entrepreneurs’ growth to six figures and beyond with ease.

Luisa Ferrario

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Global entrepreneur for 25+ years, I’m a business growth strategist and six-figure mentor, an international speaker, a published author (Fatti amico il cambiamento and Il farmacista che comunica), a queer person, and an advocate for an equal, progressive & inclusive environment for women. 
I have been chosen globally for 17 years by hundreds of leaders and CEOs across a range of companies from services-based scale-ups to Fortune 500 and World Leading Organisations such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer, MERCK, Amgen, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, OLIVER WYMAN, State Street Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, just to mention a few.
I have founded 10+ businesses so far and I’m also the proud leader of the private Facebook Community Wealthier Women Entrepreneurs where 6.3K+ ambitious women business owners interact everyday to learn how to make easy accelerating to six figure and beyond.
Today, I am the synergy that originates from personal accomplishments, challenges and struggles as a human being, individual entrepreneurial background, more than twenty years of experience as an awareness and energy-shifting facilitator, the experience as a Partner of an international leadership company, and the journey as a freelance specialized in end-to-end leadership and business growth strategies.

I have a very comprehensive, holistic, transformative style and approach to life and business.
My focus on deep transformation originates from successfully overcoming my own experiences of abuse, discrimination, and a chronic illness.
It is the same approach I have already offered to countless women, to help them and their businesses transform to scale up in an authentic way, in full alignment with their principles and aspirations. 

I’m 100% Made in Italy, I live in Europe, and I’m an 
enthusiast and avid traveller. So, it’s easier to ask me where I am that day than just assuming. 
You can find me online, catching a flight, hugging a tree in a forest, walking on a beach in Cyprus, or in Germany visiting my gorgeous daughter, who proudly states she grew up on bread and leadership.

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I hope to meet you very soon in person to help you and your business expand to thrive.

Luisa Ferrario


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