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My name is Luisa Ferrario and I help coaches, consultants, and service providers set up a thriving growing business and make the money they desire while impacting millions.

Luisa Ferrario

Meet Luisa
Meet Luisa
Meet Luisa


I am an international business strategies facilitator, a leadership mentor, a lifestyle enhancer, and a global entrepreneur.
I am honored and grateful to have been chosen for over nearly fifteen years by C-Levels of Fortune 500 Companies and World Leading Organizations, as well as by small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and scale-ups, in industries that go from global management consulting firms to fashion, banking, finance, pharmaceutical, automotive, insurance, professional services, manufacturing, and utility.
As a global entrepreneur, I am the leader and founder of Elle Effe Consulting Ltd, that supports companies willing to choose, implement and utilise innovative business models, progressive organizational structures, and inclusive and empowering leadership approaches.
Today, I am the synergy that originates from personal accomplishments, challenges and struggles as a human being, individual entrepreneurial background, more than twenty years of experience as an awareness and energy-shifting facilitator, the experience as a Partner of an international leadership company, and the journey as a freelance specialized in end-to-end leadership strategies. 
I thrive in human-centered environments, where there is room, willingness, and proactiveness to learn, share, collaborate, transform, and expand. This is where my strategic competencies, entrepreneurial mindset, and intuition work their magic to come up with innovative scenarios, and transformative, actionable facilitations.
Clients and colleagues unanimously appreciate what I take into the relationship: pragmatism, joy, non-judgmental listening, vulnerability, gratitude, lightness, strategic and farsighted vision, flexibility, trustworthiness, and straightforwardness.
I am the published co-author of “Fatti amico il cambiamento” and “Il farmacista che comunica”, both in Italian, and you can also find all my posts and articles about leadership on my LinkedIn profile, and my very own video series “Tutti i segreti della leadership” (All The Secrets Of Leadership) on my Vlog and on my YouTube channel.


I partner with C-suites, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and their Teams to create and implement organizational and leadership strategies to help their employees and companies thrive with more profit and purpose.

I am your go-to-person when your company is facing challenges such as losing:

Whether it is the company culture, the organizational structure, the business model or your mindset, behaviours, leadership style or lifestyle, no mater the topic and the intensity of the challenge might be, just book a call and get in touch with me to discuss what is going on.

My uniquely choice-based, generative, and transformative approach to change and the partnership with an international, selected professional network might be the missing piece to contribute to your organization and to you.


Would you like to unlock the potential of your company’s communication? You will witness how impactful conversations support the strategies and business development of your company. My impactful communication mindset and tools are crucial to hit those targets.


As a senior and established leadership mentor, I can design and deliver bespoke leadership interventions to enhance individuals, teams, projects, and units and support personal behaviours and organisational culture transformations. Just get in touch and let’s discuss about it.


My intuition and systemic view are key to connect the dots to spot unhealthy and limiting patterns and dynamics. All aspects of your life and business are interrelated like the pieces of a puzzle. When they fit together, you’ll see amazing personal, business, and organizational results.


Did I mention how much I resonate with what it takes to start up something new? That’s really me! You might hire me as a fractional ceo when you wish to create, establish, or lead new processes, teams, academies, business units, and companies.
I speak the language of awareness, transformation, and possibilities and, as an established global professional, you can work with me in Italian and in English.
Working with me is a journey that begins with an exploratory conversation to choose what to prioritize and continues with a series of unique and equally impactful interactions until you hit your targets.
I am really eager to hear your story and contribute to ignite and magnify your unique opportunities.

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Luisa Ferrario

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