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Immerse yourself in Swirling MILLIONS, a potent audio meditation I crafted for fellow coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs.
This exact practice catapulted my clients and me to multi-six-figure success, and now I’m passing it on to you.
Tune into the wealth frequency, elevate your financial freedom, and unleash your business’s highest potential.

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Watch this incredibly power-packed 2-hour masterclass and you’ll discover the secrets to writing highly engaging Facebook posts that captivate your dream audience, increase brand visibility, and generate 100s of qualified & quality leads every single week.
You are ready to take your Facebook game to the next level.
You are ready to strategize and craft lead-magnetizing Facebook posts.

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The Money Trinity

It’s time to discover the magnetising keys to intentionally activating wealth!
Immerse into the incredibly power-packed and practical 60-minute The Money Trinity masterclass and start an immersive journey into the realm of financial abundance. Get ready to level up your relationship with wealth, and embark on a transformative journey toward abundance, prosperity, and financial freedom.


Your Fabulous Niche

Defining your goldmine niche, ideal client, and I Help Statement is the most powerful and self-actualizing way to grow a sustainable, thriving 100K+ business. This is the must-take course you need to easily identify people whose exact needs are met by what you’re offering!


 Ninja Business Audit Session

You are ready to become a match for six figures.
You are ready to make multiple six figures your way.
Join me for the epic Ninja Business Audit Session. I’ll guide you to become crystal clear on what to focus on over the next 90 days to start accelerating your business to six figures and beyond.


The Magnetic Messenger Method

Tired of struggling to create captivating messaging that truly connects with your ideal clients? This digital step-by-step guide is designed exclusively for bada$$ ambitious entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of market research to create irresistible offers and skyrocket their conversions. You’ll gain crystal clear clarity on your ideal client’s challenges, needs, desires, and buying habits, allowing you to confidently craft messaging that magnetically attracts and converts your dream clients to take your business to new heights!


Powerful Abundance Activator

This highly transformative activator melts away the limiting beliefs and emotions that hold you back from achieving greater financial success. This activator will help you higher your vibration and become more confident and successful!


Goldmine FB Groups

This recording is an insane treasure trove of knowledge and insights on how I made $60K in 10 month only from my brand new FB group 💸. It offers you a full breakdown of what I sold, how much cash and recurring revenue each offer created, the sales strategies and the revenue generation techniques, and what I’m focusing on in 2024 to scale my group monetization to $120K. If you are serious about monetising your FB group, this masterclass provides an unfiltered look at what works, how to implement it, and the results you can achieve by following these proven methods.


WealthWaves VIP membership

The WealthWaves VIP membership is designed for badass entrepreneurs like you to elevate your business, build a 6-figure circle, and own the online space.
Get ready to supercharge your business and Facebook group growth with the exclusive features of this membership. This is your opportunity to work in close proximity with my business wisdom and have daily pre-approved posts in her thriving 8.5K members Wealthier Women Entrepreneurs FB community.

Copy of Copy of SHARED Digital Product Mockups by Dama Jue


A life-changing business growth experience! Learn everything you need to know to massively grow your Facebook group to thousands in a few months without paid ads and generate tons of qualified leads & clients whenever you need them!


Get Qualified Leads Now

Learn everything you need to generate tons of qualified leads whenever you need them with my 100+ easy online and offline ways to market your business & get your raving fans!


Luisa Ferrario, Rebel Transformative Leader


Hello and welcome, I’m Luisa and I’m so happy that we finally meet!

I’m a Growth Mindset & Business Coach, International Speaker & Published Author.

  • Leader of the thriving Wealthier Women Entrepreneurs Community
  • I empower service-based women entrepreneurs to activate the right mindset, emotions, business structure, and leadership skills to accelerate to six figures with ease 
  • Chosen for the past 17 years by leaders and their teams from small business companies, scale-ups, Fortune 500, and World Leading Organizations such as Coca-Cola, KPMG, Pfizer, Merck, Stefanel, State Street Bank from 20+ Countries
  • Entrepreneur for 27 years helping individuals and companies transform in an authentic way, in alignment with their principles, lifestyle, and aspirations
  • Advocate for a gender-equal future worldwide, I have founded 10+ businesses so far.
Luisa Ferrario

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