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Inspire other service-based women business owners to learn how to accelerate their businesses to six figures by activating their mindset, emotions, business structure and leadership skills step-by-step and with ease!

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Your Fabulous Niche

Defining your goldmine niche, ideal client, and I Help Statement is the most powerful and self-actualizing way to grow a sustainable, thriving 100K+ business. This is the must-take course you need to easily identify people whose exact needs are met by what you’re offering!

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Learn everything you need to generate tons of qualified leads whenever you need them with my 100+ easy online and offline ways to market your business & get your raving fans!

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Powerful Abundance Activator

This highly transformative activator melts away the limiting beliefs and emotions that hold you back from achieving greater financial success. This activator will help you higher your vibration and become more confident and successful!

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The Ultimate Doubling Your Monthly Income In 90 Days (Or Less) Video Bundle

Learn everything you need to double your monthly income in 90 Days (or less) so that you can grow your business to 6 figures and beyond!

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How much is the affiliate commission?
The commission rate is 30% on all my products on every sale you make. 

NOTE: You do not get any commission if you purchase any of my products through your own affiliate link. This is standard practice.

How do I get paid?
You’ll get paid by my company, Elle Effe Consulting Ltd. The payout takes place 30 calendar days after the digital product has been purchased.


How long is the affiliate cookie valid for?

The affiliate cookie is valid for 120 days from the day it was clicked. Even if someone clicks your affiliate link and then they purchase the particular product you’ve recommended after few days/weeks later, you’ll still get the commission! Since you get paid for each sale, there is no limit on your earning!

Please note: My affiliate program functions on the last click basis which means the commission will be awarded to the affiliate who’s unique link is last clicked to successfully purchase the product.

Do I Need to Purchase Anything to be Added into the Affiliate Program?
I very strongly believe that in order to promote a product successfully and honestly, you need to have a real experience with it. If you are able to share your experience about the product authentically, what you are able to accomplish/learn from it and how did it helped you will create trust among your audience.

Having said that, you don’t have to purchase any product to be added to the affiliate program.


Luisa Ferrario, Rebel Transformative Leader


Hello and welcome, I’m Luisa and I’m so happy that we finally meet!

I’m a Growth Mindset & Business Coach, International Speaker & Published Author.

  • Leader of the thriving Wealthier Women Entrepreneurs Community
  • I empower service-based women entrepreneurs to activate the right mindset, emotions, business structure, and leadership skills to accelerate to six figures with ease 
  • Chosen for the past 17 years by leaders and their teams from small business companies, scale-ups, Fortune 500, and World Leading Organizations such as Coca-Cola, KPMG, Pfizer, Merck, Stefanel, State Street Bank from 20+ Countries
  • Entrepreneur for 27 years helping individuals and companies transform in an authentic way, in alignment with their principles, lifestyle, and aspirations
  • Advocate for a gender-equal future worldwide, I have founded 10+ businesses so far.
Luisa Ferrario

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