Wondering whether you have everything you need to set up for success as an entrepreneur?

If you are:

🔔 Still dealing with thoughts such as ‘ What am I doing wrong?’, ‘Imposter!’, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’, ‘Am I good enough?’

🔔 You feel irritated, frustrated, ashamed, guilty, not deserving, or overwhelmed

🔔 You are not making the amount of money you were expecting as you still lack a bigger client base, and doubt you have the proper offers, pricing, niche, and strategy to scale up to the next level
🔔 You are wondering if you are focusing on the right things at the right time, making impactful money moves, building a team that rocks, and leading like a millionaire CEO


Then you will need what I am about to reveal to you…

My 1:1 coaching programs were created to help you say YESSSSS to your full potential and accelerate your business growth.


If you want:

  • A thriving growing business and
  • Joyfully work with clients you adore
  • While impacting lives


Then come closer, please!

Here’s why what you’re about to read will change your life

Here are the stats…

Did you know?

50 out of 100 business owners will end up shutting down their business and giving up on their entrepreneurial aspirations and dream lifestyle within the first 5 years

And 95% of business owners I talk to aren’t growing fast enough to keep up with their business needs

These stats are daunting I know!

I was shocked when I saw that such a huge percentage of business owners have issues growing their businesses

Here’s how I can help…

How your life will look:

  • Imagine how your life would change if you could rewire the most hidden and crucial emotional and mindset roadblocks that are keeping you from making the money you desire

  • And get crystal clear on the most relevant growth strategy, message, niche, offers, and pricing to help you activate a thriving business and attract your dream clients

  • Plus dive deep into the most compelling millionaire CEO vision and identify the most impactful leadership behaviors that will make your success inevitable

Introducing Luisa’s 1:1 Private Coaching Programs

Abundance Mindset + Intentional Leadership is the most powerful growth accelerator combo to activate your business potential & get exponential results fast.

The two following proven 1:1 coaching programs for business owners I have designed will take you from feeling stuck or slowed down in growing your business to be the impactful and fulfilled CEO of a thriving business.

Each program is tailored to help you align your mindset, business structure, and leadership to activate your Inner Millionaire and give you strategies, tools, and shortcuts s to consistently attract and say yes to growth opportunities to rapidly expand your business.

Ninja Leaders Accelerator

Do you already have a team or are you building one?
Imagine how your business would accelerate and be transformed if you could have a proactive, engaged, and fully committed squad accomplishing your ambitious business results, 100% aligned with your personal ones!

That’s exactly what this groundbreaking and transformative 6-month 1:1 coaching program provides, helping you become a dynamic, impactful leader of your rockstar team & company.

Luisa Ferrario

Get a taste of what you can expect when you join me today

 By the end of this groundbreaking program, you will have a strategic mindset, emotions, business structure and system, and leadership skills that will boost your productivity, self-mastery, vision, influence, and creativity.

It will allow you to transform the way you lead your team and run your business, making it engaging and fulfilling so that you consistently achieve outstanding results, personally and professionally.

Here is how this 15+ year proven program provides you the exact focus to become a magnetic CEO:


✔️ You will get the biggest bang for your time spent in your business

✔️ You will bring out a magnetic and memorable leadership approach that will enable you to build a fully committed team you will be proud of, that supports you to consistently grow a thriving company

✔️ You will identify an irresistible, purpose-driven business vision, to strategize and build a network of allies who will contribute to the expansion of your business

✔️ You will relate to a compelling lifestyle, leadership style, and business style that truly makes it easy to accomplish ambitious team and business results, fully aligned with your personal ones

✔️ You will communicate in a more persuasive, impactful, and authentic way so that you can confidently and naturally choose when to empower, mentor, delegate, coach, or inspire your team

✔️ You will position yourself as a trustworthy and authoritative leader, able to amplify your influence, credibility, and thought leadership in your industry and on the market

✔️ You will experience how to lead from a place of trust, authenticity, awareness, and co-creation, so that you can feel more centered, energized, intentional, resourceful, and joyful (This – Is – Priceless !!!)

✔️ We are going to accelerate your business together!

Instead of trying to fix things on your own – which can be lonely, painful, and overwhelming – DO IT WITH ME.

The work done with Luisa has been enlightening!

I have invested tens of thousands in training and coaching paths, and without a doubt, the investment with her was among the best.

I was starting out stuck, not very confident and with a lot of unconscious blocks that I was not fully aware of but that were really limiting the growth of my business.

As a result of working with her, I was able to double the revenue of my business and make decisions I would never have made before.

If you want to grow with your business and become a true leader, Luisa is the right person for you!

Federico Ferrarelli, Founder @Achiever Coaching Program, Digital Marketing Strategist

Luisa Ferrario

In the broad sense of the term, Luisa is a “whole” professional.

I was looking for someone who could respect me as a human being, help me professionally, and had a wide mental openness, meaning someone who could deeply enter my work and personal dynamics from an energetic, practical, and spiritual perspective. There are a few people like Luisa, who are able to master all three levels, allowing her to adapt to your unique needs and priorities at every meeting. In addition to providing me with practical, actionable tools, she helped me unlock dynamics I was unable to break out of on my own. Furthermore, she helped me to uncover and let emerge what was holding me back from spreading my business with joy and serenity at a sensitive time: scaling up.

Working with Luisa has been the most worthwhile investment I could have made for the healthy and powerful development of my work, giving me much more comfort and confidence. Heartfelt thanks, Luisa!”

Caterina Locati, Arch. PhD., MD & Founder at Caterina Locati

Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario
Luisa Ferrario

Investing in our programs entitles you to become a private mentee of mine, and I would never let you play below our highest standards and expectations.

It’s going to be close collaboration and partnership.
My one and only intent is to mentor, guide, and coach you throughout your journey to help you unlock your full potential as a business owner.

Therefore, these programs are for you if:

  • ✅ You truly believe that you should be an inspiring, wealthy, and successful entrepreneur, who will use that cash and power to impact many other lives
  • ✅ You appreciate and agree with being respectfully challenged on habits and beliefs that have been keeping you playing small
  • ✅ You thrive in a non-judgemental environment where there is room and willingness to learn, share, fail, collaborate, transform and grow
  • ✅ You are committed to getting to work without excuses. We believe work shouldn’t be hard, just done
  • ✅ You are proactive and expect to receive tangible and intangible results
  • ✅ You are an enthusiast coach, consultant, or another type of service provider, who helps others to grow, flourish and evolve

And they are not for you if:

    ❌ You are indecisive, or if you aren’t willing to make a bet on yourself by putting yourself first
    ❌ You are a perfectionist and a low-vibe person who joins but doesn’t do anything and then complains – your success depends on your full commitment
    ❌ You act as if your business is merely a hobby that you spend a lot of money on – we want no part in that

Luisa Ferrario, Rebel Transformative Leader


Hello and welcome, I’m Luisa and I’m so happy that we finally meet!

I’m a Growth Mindset & Business Coach, International Speaker & Published Author.

  • Leader of the thriving Wealthier Women Entrepreneurs Community
  • I empower service-based women entrepreneurs to activate the right mindset, emotions, business structure, and leadership skills to accelerate to six figures with ease 
  • Chosen for the past 17 years by leaders and their teams from small business companies, scale-ups, Fortune 500, and World Leading Organizations such as Coca-Cola, KPMG, Pfizer, Merck, Stefanel, State Street Bank from 20+ Countries
  • Entrepreneur for 27 years helping individuals and companies transform in an authentic way, in alignment with their principles, lifestyle, and aspirations
  • Advocate for a gender-equal future worldwide, I have founded 10+ businesses so far.
Luisa Ferrario

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Luisa Ferrario

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